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Random thought #301 – I can’t stand when I see or hear a child disrespect their parent regardless of age. Especially if that parent has busted their but working for them, sacrificed what they wanted to give you what you need (or want), spent money they didn’t have, listened to you talk even when they were tired, had you back even when you were wrong, fought your battles that had nothing to do with them, and dealing with your ungrateful butt. Teenagers are still growing up and often times haven’t recognized the value of what they have. That’s no excuse but with age should come wisdom. Now grown folks treating their parents like crap should be ashamed of themselves, especially if you have children (look at the example you are setting for your seed). My parents were far from perfect but what I know for sure is they both love me and did the best they could with what they had. There is no way I can point my finger at them for my (or their) past failures forever. When I turned 25, this concept hit me like a lightning bolt. I was a grown behine woman still blaming my mom and dad for what they did and did not do for me. One day I was listening to myself and realized just how ignorant I sounded. I hadn’t lived with my dad since I was 15 and my mom since I was 19 but for some reason I still held them responsible for my actions. At 25 really?? I decided at that moment that no one was to blame for my shortcomings but myself. I was too busy pointing at everyone but the one responsible (me). Nothing irks me more than some grown behine person complaining about what their parent didn’t do for them when they were younger. Get over it! If you are a parent (or planning to become one) just know that there will be times when you just don’t get it right even with the best intentions in your heart and guess what, your kids will be singing the same song no matter how hard you try. Give your parents a break! We are to honor or parents regardless. Ever wonder why your life keeps falling a part and you keep hitting a brick wall….try something; honor your parents. Honoring them does not mean you have to agree with everything they do or spend every moment of your life with them but it does mean that you have to respect them regardless. I respect both of my parents regardless of our history. It took a while to get there, but when I became a real parent and realized even when my heart was in the right place I still made bad decisions, I had to forgive, release, and love them for at least trying. I began to focus on the positive instead of the negative. The greatest lesson my mother taught me was to love people regardless. My father taught me that everybody has issues, we’re only human, get up and learn from it. Even through the craziness those are the two things that stuck with me. Finally, my parents also taught me that if I honor them God will honor me (They Ephesians 6:1-3’d me to life, with great emphasis on living long on the earth LOL!). The bottom line is regardless of what you have experienced with your parents you have to honor them. Oh and remember the principle of seed, time, and harvest. What you give, you get. I prayed hard that I would not receive from my children what I gave, so far, so good. #stillpraying

One love,