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So here we go again. I hate when people ask me questions or solicit responses they don’t want the answer to. I swear I try my best to hold my tongue, but sometimes….I just have to let it go.

Person: Joy why don’t you talk to me anymore, respond to my emails or chats on FB?

Me: (trying to be polite) I’m really play games on FB, I rarely check my FB emails (which is true by the way).

 Person: I see you responding to other people.

Me: Oh yeah (thinking I’m being stalked now)

Person: So whats up with that, did I do something to you, be honest please.

 Me: I don’t want to talk about it.

Person: No, I need you to be honest with me.

Me: No I would rather leave it alone.

Person: Why can’t you just answer my question!

*disclaimer* my brain hadn’t quite caught up to my mouth so here we go*

Me: Ok, well to be perfectly honest I really don’t like you that much.

Person: What the *explicit* does that mean?

 Me: Well I think you’re kind of fake and prefer to not waste my time entertaining fake people. (Again, my brain is processing a little slower than my mouth is moving).

Person: Wow it’s like that, I thought we were better than that.

Me: That’s the problem, only one of us was thinking.

The end…conversation over, unfriend. Now I am sure I could have handled that better but I get tired of people coming at me like I’m a child yelling at me or acting as if I owe them something. Second, if I say leave it alone that usually means it is probably in your best interest to leave it alone. Third, if I don’t respond to you and you are using several methods to try to reach me either I am (a) really busy or (b) I just don’t want to talk to you. Finally, stop acting like we were buddy buddy and talked all the time in the first place. So glad I got that monkey off my back! Ugh! #jesusisstillworkingonme

One love,