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A very visible and unique sign sits on Tim Ryan’s porch. He put it there so prostitutes walking by could see. He wants them to quit walking by his house. (6/13/12)

via IL man puts sign up anti-prostitute sign.

I don’t know how effective this method will be but as a parent I understand his point. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to explain to my kids why women are walking up and down the street all night or getting in strange cars. The world we live in leaves parents in awkward positions struggling to shelter children from adult situations while also trying to raise productive citizens. There is so much to combat, images to erase, and attitudes to adjust. Sometimes I feel as if I need to put my children in a bubble because some of the topics they are faced with scare me as an adult. However, I have found that talking to your child and equipping them for what they may face can be highly effective. I know as parents we cannot protect our children from everything but at minimum with can arm them with knowledge and pray for the best.

I hope the media attention helps crackdown on the prostitution in this mans area because no child deserves to look at that everyday. 

One love!