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What happens in that moment when everything you believe in is tested? When the statement God won’t put more on you than you can bear feels hard to believe because what you are experiencing is breaking you down? When you are left to wonder “God why me?” or “God why them?” When you love and care about someone so much that you want to drop everything to go make sure they are okay. When you hear news that make your heart drop to your feet? I have so much running through my mind trying to make sure my next step is the right step. Do I go or do I stay? Do I make an unpopular decision or do I avoid confrontation? No matter how much you prepare for life changes the reality is, you’re never ready. My best friend was given a diagnosis that caught us off guard. He and I thought we were prepared and now that we are faced with the challenge our foundation is shaken to a point of fear, uncertainty (him) and numbness (me). Although I was in a similar place not to long ago, I hurt for him because I just want to see him happy and whole. So what do you do?

What I learned from my experiences….sickness and disease are just a name and only have the power you give them. Your attitude determines much; The people around you determine much. During my time of challenges I had to change the people around me and surround myself with positive people who believed what I believed even if I had a moment of weakness. I surrounded myself with people who would not allow me to have self-pity and pushed me to focus on the positive. Although it was difficult at first, I eventually figured out that the negativity within myself was prolonging the process and causing me more pain. Once I changed my attitude and believed that what I was facing was not the end of me, healing took place. My mother would call it faith and now that I think about it, it was; believing things as though they were. When I didn’t have anything left I would say “all things work together for the good…” When I started to get scared “all things work together”. When the doctor told me something I didn’t want to hear “all things work together”.  When I wanted to give up “all things work together”. When it looked like I wasn’t getting better “all things work together”.

Point being, when we are shaken it’s hard to remain focused at first. However, when we can see things through a positive light or as my mother would say “as God sees them”, it brings about a certain peace. Challenges will happen in life but what matters is how we handle them. Will we allow the fear to swallow us alive or will we step up in faith, change our attitude, and fight. I choose to change my attitude and step up in faith, what do you choose?

One Love,