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I was asked some time back why am I so open about my past. Another person could not believe that I was writing such personal details about myself on the internet. I thought about it for a while and even scaled back on my writing. However, I realized that there is a reason I was allowed to experience certain things; to help others. I was not ashamed when I was making questionable decisions so why should I be ashamed to acknowledge the mistakes I made and how I came out of it? Most of my actions were taken with no regard of anyone else. I didn’t care who knew or who was watching, I was just “doing me” and I was proud of my ignorance. Why not be just as proud or more to share how I overcame those situations?  

Growing up, people were more concerned about their public persona than being real. Many acted as if they never made a mistake in their life and often looked down at me or dogged me out when I did. I become irritated with people who act as if they are above everyone else without realizing that their story may be the one thing a person needs to not go jump off a bridge (extreme but real). If my story can help save a life, help someone renew positive thoughts or simply know they are not alone then why not?

People have to come out of selfishness and fear that someone will find out who they were/are. No one was created to be perfect. The past is the past for a reason. Everyone makes mistakes and stupid decisions, big deal. The question that matters is did you learn from it? Are you working towards making better decisions in the future? You may run into the same situations two or three times (or however many) and fail before you get it, so what. Maybe someone needs to hear that you failed 86 times before you made the right decision. At some point paying it forward has to be more important than covering up. Can you imagine what this world would be if people were more open to helping one another? Can you imagine how different the state of our young people would be?

I choose to think beyond myself and release my pride to help someone else. Are you willing to do the same? Sharing personal stories are not for everyone you meet but when the opportunity is right you will know. Pay it forward!

One love,