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Sometimes God allows us to hit rock bottom so that we have no option but to look up. It is easy to focus on what we don’t have and what isn’t working but if we learn to stop long enough to be thankful and appreciate what we have our journey to the top may be shorter. I know everyone has experienced giving someone a gift and they did nothing but critique and complain about it. Remember that feeling of irritation and sadness because you put so much into choosing the perfect gift? How do you think God feels when we constantly complain because the blessings we asked for are not coming the way we feel they should? Why would he want to give us something bigger when we complain about what we feel is little? Do we ever stop and thank God for simply waking you up? Think about the families that are devastated because their family member took their last breath in their sleep. How about the brain power and lip movement that it takes to complain? There are people sitting in the hospital with no brain activity with their loved ones wishing they could just say one more word. Or people who can’t talk and have through communicate through other means. Do we ever stop to think that we are the reason our journey to what we believe we deserve is blocked by us? If our steps are ordered by the Lord then why do we insist on trying to put them in order? We can’t pray “thy will be done” then keep pushing our agenda. Maybe the slow path is what we need to help prepare us for what is to come.

I know we are human and frustration will come but at some point we have to be willing to look at our faults and stop blaming everyone and everything around us. I have been guilty of looking at my circumstances and allowing it to be an excuse for what isn’t. Instead of admitting my inner fears and insecurities I preferred to blame the system and my past. I still have to fight and remind myself to look up. I spent many years circling the same path because I was focused on “my will be done in my life” rather than “Lord they will be done in my life”. Or the infamous nonsense “imma do me”. Doing me hasn’t gotten me very far I’ll tell you that. I lived my life in Déjà vu because I was so head strong and determined to “do me”. I’m still a work and progress and have to work daily to remember there is someone greater than me and I can’t do it all by myself. Beyonce sang a song “Me, myself, and I is all I got until the end” and I really believed that. Carrying myself like that, yeah it was going to be me, myself, and I alright. Misguided journeys can be a lonely road because even with the get-a-long gang cheering me on, I still felt empty.

I encourage everyone when you get in that moment, pause and look up. I know sometimes it’s hard to see beyond your emotions but be thankful that you are conscious enough to have an emotional response. Be thankful for the air you breathe day in, day out. Change your thought process and remember words have power and can destroy the very thing you are working for. Don’t give up because everything happens for a reason. Be blessed.


One love,