About Me

I have experienced much in my life both positive and negative. Although many of my experiences were painful, I believe they were allowed so I can help someone else. I love to learn new things and share the knowledge. I believe that knowledge is power and without it we are destined to fail.

One love,


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15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. This should be good! Facebook is smiling since you have a place to put your dissertations! I will be employing your skill in the very near future in completing my book! Ha ha ha!!!! This may be your break though and your personal gold mine. Have fun with this. HATERS BEWARE!!
    Love you babe!

  2. Oh Lawd!!! This should be very very interesting. Hurry up and get to writing!!! Is there a subject, ie kids, school, etc or is anyone or anything at risk of being a topic of discussion?

  3. LoveMore said:

    I know fb is mighty glad you started a blog with all the dissertations you post. Congratulations on your blog I hope it is therapeutic for you.

  4. Adrienne said:

    I am worried about co parenting with a new partner. I am the laid back, joke and play type parent. She is the no non sense strict and structured parent. How do we co parent effectively? Can we?

    • I believe the mix of the two can be highly effective because it creates a balance. Think about it, if both parents were laid back joking around, nothing would get accomplished. If both parents are strict and highly structured it can be suffocating for the child. I have found the keys to effective co-parenting are trust (do you trust them to make decisions for your child), honest communication, respecting one another, understanding each others strengths and weaknesses (in parenting), creating boundaries, and CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY. Rules should be established that both parties agree to. Once the rules are established, follow them! I know it may be tempting as the laid back parent to break the rules; however, when you do it shows a sign of weakness that children quickly pick up on and use to their advantage. If you do not agree on something in regards to the child, take it behind closed doors to talk about it. Try not to argue about it in front of the children because once again, they recognize weakness. If a rule is not working, both parents have to be open-minded and try to find something that works. This may be difficult for the structured parent because often time strict/structured parents are control freaks; however, it is not impossible. It is a difficult transition at first but with love, determination, honesty, and respect success is inevitable. I’m rooting for you my sista.

      One love!


  5. Adrienne said:

    Thanks for the add….now get to blogging

  6. Hi. Can’t wait to read what you will be writing. I have my ears covered but my eyes open. lol

  7. I LOVE IT…thanks for the invite!!! Love you a-bunch!!!

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